Thursday, 2 April 2015

System Security

   The quality or state of being secure is to be free from danger. Security is recognized as essential to protect vital processes and the systems that  provide those processes. Security is not some thing we buy, it is something we do.

   some of the issues are vulnerability, Threat, Attack.
  • Vulnerability is a weakness in security system. It can be in design, implementation, hardware, software, etc.
  • Threat is a set of circumstances that has the potential to cause loss or harm.
  • Attack is a actual violation of security.

 Security prevents unauthorized access, alteration, theft, physical damage.

some of the Risks and Threats are as follows
  • High user knowledge of the IT systems
  • Theft, Misuse
  • Virus attack
  • System and Network failure
  • Lack of Documentation
  • Natural calamities(fire, earth quakes)
To overcome the above problems we need to protect not only their own information assets but also those of customers, employees, and business partners.
Need to establish a
  • management framework for security and control.
  • methods, policies, procedures, etc to control.
  • Recovery plan, Load balancing (provide access to all users)
  • Mirroring: duplicate all the processes and transactions of server on backup server.
  • Clustering: among two computers, one for backup,etc.
  • Firewalls: Controlling flow of incoming and outgoing network traffic.
  • Intrusion detection system: monitors vulnerable points in network, detects and solves.
  • Encryption: Scrambling of messages.
  • Digital signatures: digital code attached to the electronically transmitted message to uniquely identify contents and sender.
  • Access control
  • password guidelines
  • Antivirus software. 


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