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Systems Approach and Information

 To understand the systems approach and information, we need to know the

  1. levels of management 
  2. Functions of the information systems.
Levels of the Management:

 Below diagram describes the levels of the managements, the positions held and the jobs done.

Functions of the Information Systems:
   Below diagram shows how an Information system functions in an organization.


  simply the information is shared by each and every person or node belongs to the organization, in a system.

Systems Approach:
    In three different ways

  1. Top down Approach
  2. Bottom up Approach
  3. Integrated Approach
Top down Approach:

   This Approach starts from high level to the low level in the Management levels.

    Here the management takes the initiative in the formulating major activities, policies, plans in comprehensive manner and communicate them to all the levels in organization for translating them in to the performance results. Need to implement and do the day to day control.

Bottom up Approach:
    This Approach starts from low level to the high level in the Management levels.
    Here the low level managers initiate all the top level managers. Ex... feedback from customers.

Integrative Approach:
    Mixing of both the Top down and Bottom up Approaches is called the Integrative Approach.

    Drawbacks of the above two Approaches can be solved here by interacting all the level managers at any time, anywhere and can take decisions. 


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