Thursday, 12 March 2015

Management Information Systems Case Study-3

Case study 3:

    Your high school offers "community school" classes after school hours. The majority of the programs are adult continuing education such as computer courses, personal finance, dancing, yoga and photography. The director of these programmes is having a hard time getting the recordkeeping done. Most of the records and course matching is done using spread sheets. A modernization effort is underway, which includes building integrated application and database systems to perform basic business functions. The director has asked for your team to provide her with a functional system model and design with commentary about potential issues that could arise with the systems.
                                This systems need to include the following functions:
·         information about the courses
·         information about the students
·         information about the instructors
·         information about the section of the course
·         information about the fees
·         information about the schedule
          The director would like to develop the system that meets the following goals
·         An online inquiry system for potential students to use that identifies what courses are available- search by keyword, instructor, and day offered; function for student information gathering for follow -up calls, and basic community school information.
·         Limits updating the system to director only improve the process of identifying what courses are available.
·         Maintains and creates unique reports of the schedules (with the appropriate details for each) for the student instructor, and director each of the three report types would be different.

 Allows simple maintenance to be handled by the director.

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IoT and M2M

IoT and M2M