Thursday, 12 March 2015

Management Information Systems Case Study-2

Case study 2:
    The MSK bank is an old and solid Banking Institution. Located in regional marketing centre the bank has been active in all 1 phases of banking, specializing in Farm Loans. The Bank present MalSat thrijoe, 60, has been with the bank for many years and is prominent in many circles. 

     The bank is organized into five departments with a senior vice president heading each of these departments. They have been with the bank for years and in general reflect a stable and conservative outlook.
  This organizational chart reflects the partial organizational structure of the MSK bank. The Bank is an old and reputed bank in the region the bank has been in operation since many years and has been following an out-dated system of Collected, Storing and Retrieving data and Information. With the change in time and requirement bank has decided to bring in its information system pattern and as well. The basic objective of implementing the MIS system was to improve the flow of information within and outside the organization so that maximum efficiency can be ensured. The management now is on the verge to think of the ways to find out the ways in order to solve the problems.

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IoT and M2M

IoT and M2M