Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Procedure design

Procedures are the rules, standards, methods design to increase the effectiveness of the information system. the procedures detail about the tasks to be performed in using the system. They serve as the ready recovers for the designers as well as for the users. sometime their perform the tasks of the supervisor over operators.

   There are a wide variety of procedures, which include

  • data entry procedures
  • Run time procedures
  • Error handling procedures
  • Security and backup procedures
  • Software documenting procedures

    In designing procedures, designers should
  • Understand the purpose and Quality standards of each procedure.
  • Develop a step by step direction for each procedure
  • Document all the procedures.

       Note: Explain with the your own examples.

Input and Output design

Input design:
It is the process of converting a user oriented description of the inputs to a computer based business system into a programmer oriented specification.
Input data were found to be available for establishing and maintaining master and transaction files and for creating output records.

Output design:
output design reflect how the outputs are used and ways to make it simpler for users to understand them.

explain the input and output design with your own examples.

IoT and M2M

IoT and M2M